Board of Directors

The 2018 Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 19th.


The 2017 AGM was held on Tuesday, June 20th 

Jayme Baker stepped down from the Board of Directors.

We wish to thank him all for the years of dedication to our Board and the sport of Athletics.

The following people were elected to board positions: Grant Mitchell, Kathy Kelly, Brian Walker, Jessica Schofield (all existing board members who stood for nomination again) and Jason Neill (newly elected).

2017-2018 Athletics Manitoba Board of Directors – updated June 2017

Name Position
Grant Mitchell President
 Kathy Kelly Vice-President
Brian Walker Treasurer
Jessica Schofield  Secretary
Omena Babalola Director
Karen Ferris Director
Jason Neill Director
Jeff Vince Director
Bruce Pirnie Director
Colin Mathieson Director
 Jared Kist Director
Tegan Turner & Connor Boyd Athlete’s Reps
  Coach’s Rep
Official’s Rep
Judy McMullen  Road Running Rep

June 20th, 2017 – Annual General Meeting

Agenda    Minutes    Office Report    Audited 2016-2017 Financial Statement  

June 20th, 2016 – Annual General Meeting

Agenda    Minutes    Office    Audited 2015-2016 Financial Statement    President’s Report


Minutes of Athletics Manitoba Board Meetings

March 27, 2018Minutes

January 1 6, 2018 Minutes

November 28, 2017Minutes

September 26, 2017Agenda   Minutes

Reports:   President’s Report   Office and Officials Report  MRA Report

May 30, 2017Agenda    Minutes

Reports:  President’s Report   Office and Officials Report   MRA Report

March 30th, 2017Agenda    Minutes

Reports:  President’s Report   Office and Officials Report   MRA Report

January 17th, 2017Agenda  Minutes

Reports:  President’s Report  Office and Officials Report   MRA Report   MATA Screening Letter

November 29th, 2016Agenda  Minutes

Reports:  President’s Report   Office and Officials Report  MRA Report

September 27th, 2016 – Agenda    Minutes

Reports:    Office-Officials Report  MRA Report  Screening Policy

July 26th, 2016Agenda   Minutes

Reports:  President’s Report    Office and Officials Report    MRA Report    2017 Canada Games Timing Equip Purchase Proposal     

March 29th, 2016  –  Minutes

Reports:  President’s Report     Office-Officials Report   MRA Report

                 Profit/Loss Report     Balance Sheet Report     2016 Internal Statements

January 11th, 2016  –  Minutes

       Reports:   President’s Report    Office Report      2016-2017 Budget update

November 9th, 2015Minutes

Reports:  President’s Report     MRA Report      Office Report      Balance Sheet    Conflict of Interest Documents

AM Officials Committee Terms of Reference    

May 11th, 2015

March 9th, 2015

January 26th, 2015

November 10, 2014

September 15th, 2014

July 14th, 2014

June 23rd, 2014

May 12th, 2014


MTFOA Dissolve Motion November 10, 2014


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

2015 AGM Minutes – June 15th, 2015


2013 AGM Amended Minutes – Nov 27th, 2013


Stakeholders Forums Compiled Report – May 2014


Approved Revised Athletics Manitoba Constitution and By-Lawsrevised March 2015, approved June 15, 2015


Membership Forum Minutes – December 3rd, 2012