Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel (RJTW) is Athletics Canada’s official grassroots program of physical activity for children and youth. RJTW contributes to the development of fundamental motor skills such as running, jumping, and throwing through a series of lessons that focus on skill acquisition, sport education and participatory/team competition.

The program is designed to give elementary school aged children a strong background in sport skills that will serve them well in other sports and throughout their lives. No matter what sport or physical endeavor children attempt in their lifetime, the mechanics of running, jumping, and/or throwing will inevitably come into play.

This training program fits perfectly into a school’s existing physical education program.

The NCCP RJT Instructor Course:

The NCCP RJT Instructor Course trains Instructors to develop fundamental motor skills such as running, jumping and throwing in children ages 7 through 12. Following the course Instructors will be able to:

  • Plan a practice
  • Use progressions to teach fundamental motor skills to children
  • Understand and apply the progressions used to teach basic track and field skills
  • Apply Run, Jump, Throw activities to other sport programs (soccer, basketball, etc)
  • Use resources in ongoing physical education school programs
  • Coach grassroots track and field athletes in a track club or school program
  • Work as a Run, Jump, Throw Instructor

Participants receive a full resource package including scripted lesson plans, educational DVD and reference materials.

For more information regarding the NCCP RJT Instructor Course, please contact:

Michael Kananoja –