National Officials Committee

Athletics Canada’s National Officials Committee has the purpose to design, coordinate and evaluate programs, so as to maximize the High Performance abilities of all Athletics Officials.

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ATHLETICS CANADA – Event Mentoring Program for Officials 

Athletics Canada and the National Officials Committee (NOC) have developed a Canada-wide program focused on mentoring officials within specific event groups. Event groups include running disciplines (e.g., starter, track referee, umpire) as well as field events (e.g., jumps, throws) and other areas as they emerge in the future.

The Program is essentially a group-based mentoring program focused on developing and disseminating information and knowledge amongst officials within specific event groups. It compliments the NOC Mentor Program that focuses on supporting individual officials become the best official they can be. The event groups will initially include all Level 3-5 and beyond officials within one of the event groups (to be invited to join the group by the Event Group Leader). At a later date Level two officials who have expressed an interest in one, or more of the groups, may be invited to join the group.


The purpose of the Program is to encourage the development and growth of officials in specific event groupings—essentially building community of practices around each event and professional development of officials within those event groups. The Program will also keep officials engaged during the impact of COVID-19 on the Athletics season. Groups will meet through vehicles they choose to use (e.g., Skype, WhatsApp, Signal, Zoom, telephone, e-mail). Topics and activities will be determined by the groups—which may include the following:

  • Circulating information and new materials from the International Federations, as well as Athletics Canada.
  • Keeping event group officials informed of initiatives through regular and ongoing communications.
  • Training officials through formal webinars or informal educational development utilizing WhatsApp, Signal, Zoom or other appropriate applications.
  • Conducting group discussions, as appropriate and requested by the members. This could include rule changes, application of rules, best practices, etc. All of this will lead to keeping officials across Canada engaged as officials and “in the know” about what officials are doing.