Exclusive Use

  1. Exclusive use fees are not refundable. 

Entry Fees

  1. Athletes who are scratched after entries have closed, but before the start lists have been finalized, will not be charged for their entries.  
  2. Athletes who get injured in the meet and cannot compete in additional events they are registered for are not eligible for an entry fee refund.  
  3. Any individual entries that are paid online will not be refunded.

Entry Fees – Weather Cancellation

  1. In the event that a meet is cancelled due to inclement weather, the cost of the meet remains the same.  There will be no refunds for events that are cancelled due to weather. 

Storm Policy

During the outdoor track season Athletics Manitoba uses the weather guidelines provided by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) coupled with a SkyScan Lightning Detector to manage competition during inclement weather.  The CAC guidelines dictate that when lightning has been seen in the area, the field of play must be cleared and competition suspended until 30 minutes has passed without a lightning strike observed.  Athletics Manitoba will suspend competition for up to 2 hours (i.e. 4 consecutive 30 minute delays) before cancelling a meet due to weather.  Efforts will be made to reschedule the meet to a later time in the day or on an alternate day subject to facility availability and (when applicable) team selection requirements in cases where the meet in question is being used as a trials meet for team selection.