Athletics Manitoba Performance Pathway Funding

Due to the… different… nature of the 2020 season, our regular Performance Pathway athlete funding program had to be temporarily put on hold.

Now, in order to take into account the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID19 pandemic which severely impacted the ability of our athletes to train and compete, the Board of Directors has agreed that the best way to proceed with the program for 2020 is simply for the majority of 2019 funded athletes to be transferred to the same level of support for 2020.

In other words, we will essentially be repeating the funding that was distributed to athletes last fall.

The same group of athletes who qualified for funding last year, based on their 2019 outdoor performances, will automatically qualify for that same level of funding this year. (Athletes who may have “aged up” into a new category, will still be considered at the previous year’s age category). No additional athletes will be added to the program this year.

There will be one an additional requirement that all athletes MUST have renewed their membership for the 2020/2021 season.

Off-Track Funding

Athletics Manitoba has created a funding structure to specifically support athlete development in “offtrack” areas. “Off-track” events are events in track and field that have national championships separate from the formal national junior and senior Championships held annually in June/July, and that occur outside of the stadium (i.e., on a Cross Country course or on the road).

Athletics Manitoba will make an attempt to follow up with athletes and coaches who have qualified, but ultimately athletes and their coaches are responsible for being aware of the standards, their performances and for submitting their expense claims


Dave Lyon Legacy Fund

Dave Lyon held many different roles in the sport of Athletics.  He was a long time athlete, coach, sport administrator and volunteer in the Athletics community. His passion for the sport of Track and Field carried him to 5 Olympic Games.   He was a team leader in Montreal 1976, Los Angeles 1984, Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992, and finally Sydney in 2000. Dave was the Athletics Competition Chair for the Pan Am Games in 1967 and 1999.  Dave founded the historic Winnipeg Razorbacks Track and Field club which held national acclaim. His multiple roles in the sport of Athletics allowed Dave to inspire many young athletes to not only achieve athletic success as national champions and Canadian team members, but also to give back to the sport as coaches, leaders and sport builders. Dave’s Legacy in Athletics in Manitoba is the continued pursuit and support of High Performance.

Originally intended to support athletes from Manitoba who qualified for self-funded teams, the Dave Lyon fund will now support all athletes who are full-time residents of Manitoba who make national teams as Athletics Canada no longer has self-funded teams.

The funding available through the Dave Lyon Legacy Fund is $250 – $500 each year depending on the number of athletes who make national teams.  

Selection Criteria:

  • Manitoba Resident
  • National team member
  • Funding level to be determined by the number of athletes who make national teams and the amount of funds available for distribution

Application/ Email of interest can be forwarded to:  Alanna Boudreau, Executive Director  204 925 5744


Simplot Games


Simplot sponsors a small group of athletes and coaches each year to attend and compete at the Simplot Games.

More in formation can be found at  Simplot Games, under School Programs

Application deadline is annually in October.

The Simplot Games is an open meet and any club or school can enter as well.