“It is our vision to turn over a world to our children and grandchildren that is better than we found it.”
– Scott Simplot, Chairman of the Simplot Company Board of Directors and son of company founder, J.R. Simplot.

The annual J.R.Simplot Company‐sponsored event has become one of the nation’s premier high school indoor track and field events since it was first held in 1979.
Although the 2,000 athletes from 20 different states, Canada, Mexico and Australia who travel to Pocatello come to shine under Holt Arena’s bright lights, the Simplot Games weekend itself is about more than just standing atop a podium.

The Simplot Games is unique because it is an open meet, which means athletes do not need a certain qualifying time or distance to be able to compete. Everyone is welcome at the Games and this allows high school athletes from all over the chance to compete and have fun. It truly makes Simplot Games an extraordinary experience for everyone.
The Games are more than a track meet. They have become a melting pot of young, aspiring individuals and dedicated business people and volunteers who grow, learn, and improve while coming together in the spirit of competition.

The 43rd annual Simplot Games will be held February 16-18, 2023, at Idaho State University’s Holt Arena.
Unfortunately, there were no teams sent in either 2021 or 2022 but this year, we are cautiously optimistic that a Manitoba team WILL be able to attend the 2023 Games and are therefore proceeding with the application process.

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Application deadline for athletes is November 16th, 2022

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Application deadline for coaches is December 9th, 2022