Junior High School Track Attack Series

Track Attack Series – 2017

Updated 2017 information – PDF format

This grassroots track and field competition series is open to any school with grades 7, 8 and 9 students, that registers as an Athletics Manitoba School member.

Registration Process

1)       Complete and submit the School membership registration form (Payment for AM School membership is due by December 1st, 2016)

2)       Once the office has received the registration form, we will distribute Invoices and instructions for submitting school athlete rosters.

Four Meet Series    – All four meets run at the James Daly Fieldhouse in the Max Bell Centre at the University of Manitoba from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Track Attack #1          Tuesday, January 17 
Track Attack #2         Thursday, February 2 
Track Attack #3         Wednesday, February 15 
Track Attack #4         Wednesday, March 15

Program Fees:

Schools with less than 15 athletes:           $367.50  ($350+ GST)                              

Schools with 15 or more athletes:            $420.00 ($400+ GST)

Individual meets:                                             $105.00 per meet  ($100+ GST)       

Individual athletes:                                          $26.25 per meet  ($25+ GST)

Individual athletes must be a full Athletics Manitoba Member $73.50 ($70+GST), and their school cannot already be entered in the meet. 

Ribbons are awarded for the top five places. 

Shot Put: 

All girls will throw 3kg shot puts. 

All boys will throw a 4kg shot put.

High Jump Starting Heights:

Grade 7 Girls: 1.20m; Grade 7 Boys: 1.25m;

Grade 8 Girls: 1.25m; Grade 8 Boys: 1.30m;

Grade 9 Girls: 1.25m;  Grade 9 Boys: 1.35m


All Girls: Start to first hurdle 12m; 7.5m spacing between hurdles; 30” height

Grade 7 & 8 Boys: Start to first hurdle 12m; 8.0m spacing between hurdles; 30” height

Grade 9 Boys: Start to first hurdle 12m; 8.0m spacing between hurdles; 33” height

School Requirements

             Each school must send 2 adults to attend the volunteer training.

             Each school must participate in the running of the meet and will need 2 adults plus 4 – 6 students in order to handle their function at the meet.  Jobs will be assigned prior to the first event and the same job will be done at each of the 4 meets (e.g. Long jump officiating, timing, etc.).  A list of specific officiating rules will be sent in advance.

             Due to a time frame restriction, we will have to limit the number of schools accepted. Those schools opting for participation in the full series will get preference. Parking passes are currently unavailable at the University of Manitoba.  Athletics Manitoba will keep you posted of any changes closer to the time of the meet.

Schools are asked to bring their own medical kits as there are no medical personnel at these events.

Some substantial changes to the overall Track Attack program and schedules of these events were proposed at the end of the 2015 school year. Following the receipt of feedback from a number of trusted and valuable leaders we’ve come up with a revised plan that we hope will satisfy our restrictions as organizers and more importantly, still meet the needs of the participants!

This updated competition schedule will be distributed to Teachers in the coming weeks for feedback and final adjustments.

The following additional changes will be implemented this season.

  • An evening training session will occur in January for all teacher volunteers. The session will be designed so that teachers will be familiar with the operation of 2 different event areas. Dinner will be provided!
  • Event leaders will be identified at each meet, their job will be to circulate and make sure all events are running appropriately.
  • Athletes may enter a maximum of 3 individual events and 1 relay.
  • Athletes will receive a minimum of 2 attempts in Shot Put, Long Jump and Triple Jump. If time allows, a 3rd attempt will be provided.
  • Triple Jump will be contested by Grade 8 and Grade 9 athletes only.
  • Officially the Track Attack program is for Grades 7-9. In the past some schools have been bringing athletes in Grade 6. We ask that this practice be limited as much as possible due to our extremely large participation numbers. 

We must unfortunately remind everyone that student supervision is the responsibility of the schools. We acknowledge the difficulties involved with an event of this type but damages to University property will not be tolerated.

Code of conduct warnings will be issued to schools if necessary and multiple incidents may result in a penalty fee or a removal from future events.