Tuesday, June 8th

University of Manitoba Stadium

9:30 am – 4:30 pm

We are working with the University of Manitoba to determine a reduced facility capacity that would still allow for event hosting. We do not currently know what our capacity limitations will look like come June 2020; therefore, we have drafted the following modifications below.

  • This meet will not be a sticker meet; coaches will need to pre-register their athletes beforehand.
  • There will be NO registrations accepted on site the day of the meet.
  • Athletes are eligible to compete at Junior High Championships by placing first, second, or third from their school/divisional meets.
  • Athletes will be allowed to compete in the events that they qualified for from their school/divisional meets. If an event from divisional is not offered at Provincial Championships, contact programs@athleticsmanitoba.com for alternative event arrangements.
  • Medals for top 3 in each event will be awarded.
  • Each school is responsible for providing volunteers to assist in running the meet. Based on the number restrictions, we do not currently know how many athletes will be allowed in the facility at a given time. For the time being, please plan for 10 Athletes = 1 Volunteer.
  • Medical personnel will be on site.

Program questions should be directed to Michael Kananoja at programs@athleticsmanitoba.com