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Athletes and Coaches.

A reminder that your 2016 Athletics Canada/Manitoba athlete, club, official and coach memberships expired December 31st. If you plan to compete in 2017, you need to renew your membership.

Members of the following clubs, Winnipeg Optimist Athletics, Stride Ahead Tough Track and the University of Manitoba Track & Field Team, renew and pay for their memberships through their clubs. DO NOT renew them online, as this is done by your club membership administrator. GST is charged on all memberships for 2017.  Individual memberships are $73.50 ($70+GST)

All other athletes and coaches need to renew their memberships online at . If you are or have been an active member, your name will be in the Athletics Canada database, so select ‘Renewing Member’. Once you click Renewing Member, you can look up your AC number if you don’t know it, (you need to fill in that number). Click on ‘Look up’, (Right beside the AC# box) and fill in the required information. It will also indicate if your membership is ‘Active’ or ‘Expired’.

The ‘Request Club’ box defaults to Unattached, but please if you are with a club, click on ‘Look up’ and select your club from the list of registered Athletics Manitoba Clubs. Schools are not considered clubs, so please don’t select a school.

Once your membership is complete, and Athletics Manitoba confirms you are a registered member of the selected club, your Club affiliation will be adjusted.

You have the options of paying online by credit card. There is a processing fee of $2.40 added to the membership fee.

Payment can also be made by cheque/money order and forwarded to the office. It must be received by December 31st in order for results after that date to be recognized for rankings or records.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Shirley at


School Membership

Please complete the Registration form below and email it back to  Once the school registration form has been received, invoices will be emailed.  School memberships are due no later than December 1st 2016.

School Membership Registration Form

The complete school package that was emailed out to schools can be found on the School Programs page.  





All Athletics Manitoba members can find their Athletics Canada number online at

Road Runners

With the  partnership of Athletics Manitoba and the Manitoba Runners’ Association (MRA), any MRA member that wishes to be registered with Athletics Manitoba and Athletics Canada for the purpose of being included in the provincial and national rankings for road running must contact Donna Harris by email or phone 204 925 5744.  Inclusion in national and provincial rankings requires one to submit a fee of $15 to Athletics Manitoba.  Fee payment will be arranged after contact has been made with Athletics Manitoba.


Athletics Manitoba members are eligible for free membership with the MRA.  To claim your free MRA membership please complete this form and submit it to the MRA as outlined on the form.