Masters Athletics

Athletics Manitoba as part of its Strategic Plan “To develop new partnerships and engage new contacts in order to increase opportunities and access to sport” has established a Masters Committee with the purpose “To develop a Masters Athletics Community”.

The Masters Committee consists of the following Athletics Manitoba members and staff:

Greg Athayde (Chair)Alanna Boudreau
Omena BabalolaCarolyn Coffin
Gord FlettMichael Kananoja
Dennis LangClemus Laurila
Jason McDonaldBreta Passler
Jeff VinceKathy Wiens (MRA)

As part of the defined terms of reference, the goal of the committee is:

To encourage and support the development and participation of Masters athletes in Athletics through proper planning, training and competition opportunities tailored to the specific needs of the Masters athlete.

A measurable goal is to work towards building a vibrant Masters community to support and increase participation of Manitoba athletes recreationally and at local, provincial, national and international athletics competitions.

The following key objectives/success factors have been identified:

  • Development and growth evolution of Masters Athletics
    • Increase participation (%Growth)
      • Promotion of sport to increase engagement, attraction and retention of athletes
    • Provide quality Masters competition opportunities (%Participation)
      • Promotion/awareness of Provincial, National & International events
      • Provide access to more local/regional events
    • Provide quality club support
      • Identify and support clubs that have Masters programs
    • Provide coach knowledge & training – e.g. training the masters/aging athlete
      • Identify and support coaches that train Masters Athletes
    • Maintain Provincial Masters records/bests
    • Understand and address barriers (perceived or otherwise) that limit or prevent participation of Masters athletes in the sport.

If you are interested in joining the committee or would like more information about Masters Athletics, please contact us at: