The Manitoba Games powered by Manitoba Hydro are the province’s largest ongoing multi-sport program bringing together participants from across the province. The Manitoba Games are often an athlete’s first multi-sport Games experience. These Games play an important role in the athlete pathway and help to identify athletes who have the potential to advance to higher levels of competition.

Many Manitoba Games athletes have gone on to represent our province at Regional and National level competitions, Western Canada Summer Games and Canada Summer Games.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, The 2020 Manitoba Summer Games have been cancelled. We are disappoint that we will not be able to compete at this time.

The City of Dauphin will host the 2024 Manitoba Summer Games.

Regional Teams will consist of athletes *U14 (Born 2009-2008) – U16 (Born 2007-2006).

*-These age categories have been adjusted based on the decision to postpone the 2020 Games. Full statement regarding decision can be found HERE.


*Due to the cancellation of the 2020 Games, these links have been temporarily disabled while we finalize our information. 






Regional Team Declaration:

U14/U16 Athletes who are interested in trying out for the Manitoba Summer Games Regional Track and Field Teams must declare their interest online:
  • West Region Declaration Link 
  • East Region Declaration Link 
  • South Region Declaration Link 
  • North Region Declaration Link 
  • Winnipeg Region Declaration Link 
Regional Boundaries:
Teams will be named based off of the Manitoba regional map. This map has updated since the last Games.
  • The old “Westman” and “Parkland” regions have now become the “West” region;
  • “Central” and the Southern portion of “Eastman” have become the “South” region;
  • The Northern portion of “Eastman” joined with “Interlake” to become the “East” region; 
  • The North assumes the previous “Norman” region.
  • Winnipeg is split into two teams; these teams are based on the city limits and not Perimeter Highway. Communities located just outside of the city will fall to their respective area region.

For a visual representation of the Regions, please check out the REGIONAL MAP