2016 Athletics Manitoba Award Winners

Female Athlete of the Year:  Nicole Sifuentes

Male Athlete of the Year:      Alhaji Mansary  



Age Class Awards    

Pee Wee                   Paige Schatowsky Chaz Ricard
Bantam  Deborah Adekayode
& Kaitlyn Hinrichsen       
Isaiah Sagriotis
Midget   Tracy Towns Mathieu Indome
Youth Victoria Tachinski     Alec Dickson
Junior Rebekah Eckert Luxon Glor
Senior Nicole Sifuentes Alhaji Mansaray
Masters Omena Babalola Colin Mathieson







Event Categories  Awards 

Sprints Victoria Tachinski Mathieu Indome
Hurdles Sophia Mbabaali Chris Crawford
Jumps Joy Becker Alhaji Mansaray
Throws Taylor Heald           Borzah Yankey
Distance Nicole Sifuentes              Simon Berube
Combined Events     Kaleigh Hole Eric Guy



Additional Awards

Most Improved Athletes:   Erin White  & Simon Berube

Ron Melnichuk Award:      Erin Teschuk & Aduselam Yussuf

Memorial Discus Cup:       Taylor Heald  and Reed Rimke

Coach to Watch:                 Noelle Merkel

Elite Coach:                         Ming Pu Wu

Volunteers of the Year:      Terry Armstrong & Scott Murray


Officials Awards

Marie Burgess Spirit Award:    Janice Howe

Keith Beard Award:                   Joe  Kenny

Official of the Year:                   Aurele Durand