2011 Award Winners

Female Athlete of the Year: Julia Zrinyi
Male Athlete of the Year: Quin Ferguson

Age Class Awards 

Pee Wee:   Madyson Sparrow and Colton Peters
Bantam:     Victoria Tachinski and Owen Ready
Midget:      Tegan Turner, Devon Lorette and Joshua Ahlbaum-Ateah
Youth:        Julia Zrinyi and Curtis Urniezius
Junior:       Melissa Kitching and Sam Vincent
Senior:       Victoria Robson and Quin Ferguson
Masters:     Teresa Logozar and Dennis Lang

Event Categories Awards
      Tegan Turner and Wilfred Samking
Hurdles:     Melissa Kitching and Kieran Moolchan
Jumps:       Victoria Robson and Steven Olsen
Throws:      Karen Ferris and Curtis Urniezius
Distance:    Julia Zrinyi and Quin Ferguson
Combined Events:  Amy Graceffo and Paul Ryberg

Ron Melnichuk Award:   Julia Zrinyi and Sam Vincent

Board of Directors Recognition:
Richard Winton                      Randy Paracholski                        Jennifer Ervick.

Volunteer of the Year
The Beauvais Family (Paul, Dianne, Philip and Madeline)

Coach to Watch –   Jason McKechnie  (Nelson McIntyre Collegiate)
Elite Coach of the Year – Rory McIntyre  (Winnipeg Optimist Athletics / University of Manitoba)

Road Running Awards

Female Road Runner of the Year:      Catherine McKay
Male Road Runner of the Year:          Dale Kirk

The Mighty Mouse Award:   Dale Kirk

Jersey Award Winners
Yellow Jersey:    Alice Sherwin and Dale Kirk.
Red Jersey:        Andrea Paci and Aldo Furlan.
Green Jersey:     Betty Hazeu and Bruce Young.
White Jersey:     Tricia Yerex 

Youth Series Awards

Age Category Female Male
12 and under   1st Noah Wiens
    2nd Bryce Jenkins
13-14 year olds   1st Ashlyn Cortvriendt    1st Kyle Saunders    
  2nd Tarina Ready 2nd Morgan Yarish
  3rd Madison Mislawchuk      3rd Owen Ready
15-17 year olds 1st Shandra Ready 1st Joel Stevens
  2nd Kaitlyn Wiens 2nd Kevin MacDuff      
  3rd Kirsten Bilous  


Timex Awards

Age Category Female Category Male Category
15-19   1st Kevin MacDuff
20-24 1st Alice Sherwin 1st Kevin Gabel
25-29   1st Brian Walker
30-34 1st lyndsey Carroll 1st Bradley Keefe
  2nd Tricia Yerex  
35-39 1st Meeghan West Jason Guarina
40-44 Andrea Paci 1st Dale Kirk
  2nd Cynthia Menzie-Sabiston     2nd Don Bevington
    3rd Andrew Swan
45-49 1st Catherine McKay 1st Aldo Furlan
  2nd Cindy Wenzoski Michael McGovern
  3rd Jill Saunders  
50-54 1st Kathy Wiens 1st Bruce Young
  2nd Dorothy McColl 2nd Jean-Pierre Grolet
    3rd Randal Bodner
55-59 1st Betty Hazeu 1st David lawler
  2nd Gwen Bonneville 2nd Harm Hazeu
  3rd Marilyn Fraser  
60-64 1st Joanne King 1st Jeff Vince
    2nd Leon Clegg
65-69 1st Georgine Cook  
70-74 1st Jim Anderson  
  2nd James King  
  3rd Al Myska