Thursday, June 15th (please note adjusted date due to MHSAA being held in Brandon Jun 8th-10th)

University of Manitoba Stadium

9:30 am – 4:30 pm


There will be NO registrations accepted on site the day of the meet.

Athletes are eligible to compete at Junior High Championships by placing first, second, or third from their school/divisional meets, as well as anyone who meets or exceeds the outlined standards below.

Athletes will be allowed to compete in the events that they qualified for from their school/divisional meets. If an event from divisional is not offered at Provincial Championships, contact Courtney Friesen at technical@athleticsmanitoba.com for alternative event arrangements.

Athletes will be allowed to advance in up to three events and a relay for the Championship.

Medals for top 3 in each event will be awarded.


The deadline to register is June 9th, 2023

IMPORTANT: For the school divisions that have their divisional meets outside of the entry deadline, arrangements MUST be made in advance with Courtney. Any late entries that are not made in advance will be assessed late fees.  

Download Team Roster Entry spreadsheet click HERE . Schools, please complete the spreadsheet with your rosters and email to Courtney at email address above and on the spreadsheet.
Online registration link – for individual entries only.
Athletics MB School Membership Registration form click HERE


Entry fees for Athletics Manitoba member schools will be $6.00 an athlete, to a maximum of $150.00 per school.

Non-Athletics Manitoba member schools will pay $6.00 an athlete to the maximum of $150.00, as well as an additional $50+GST-day membership. If there are less than 5 athletes attending from a non-member school, the athletes will pay a $10-non-member fee as well as their $6.00 entry fee.  

There is no additional cost for relays. 

The registration fees for any entries received after the June 9th deadline will be $10 per athlete to a maximum of $250. Late non-members will still be assessed the non-member fees as outlined above. 

Technical Specifications

Shot Put:  
All girls will throw a 3kg shot put
All boys will throw a 4kg shot put 

All athletes will throw a 1kg discus

All Girls:  Start to first hurdle 12m; 7.5m spacing between hurdles; 30” height 
Grade 7 & 8 Boys:  Start to first hurdle 12m; 8.0m spacing between hurdles; 30” height 
Grade 9 Boys:  Start to first hurdle 12m; 8.0m spacing between hurdles; 33” height

The medley relay will be 800 – 200 – 200 – 400.

For additional questions, please reference the rule book HERE


Each school is responsible for providing volunteers to assist in running the meet. For every 10 athletes, the school must provide one volunteer. Schools will be contacted with their job allocation along with instructions and officiating rules prior to the meet. Where possible we will still have Manitoba Track and Field Officials present with school volunteers assisting.

Other Notes

Medical personnel will be on site.

The championship may be used as identification for provincial team opportunities including the U16 Provincial Team 

 Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 
100m 14.07 13.91 13.80 13.44 12.69 11.83 
300m 47.25 46.14 45.09 44.71 41.95 40.03 
800m 2:50.01 2:44.07 2:36.75 2:35.70 2:22.16 2:05.57 
1200m 4:23.86 4:21.63 4:19.44 4:02.88 3:50.93 3:45.25 
80mh/100mh 15.58 15.25 14.30 14.85 18.38 16.58 
Long Jump 4.15 4.24 4.50 4.82 5.22 5.35 
Triple Jump N/A 6.30 7.50 N/A 10.46 11.25 
High Jump 1.33 1.36 1.40 1.41 1.55 1.65 
Shot put 8.05 8.20 8.45 10.07 10.93 12.61 
Discus 18.82 21.93 23.50 24.86 26.41 28.66 

Program questions should be directed to Courtney Friesen at technical@athleticsmanitoba.com