University of Manitoba Fieldhouse - Site License 
       2018 Boeing Indoor Classic - 3/2/2018 to 3/3/2018        
                 Manitoba Indoor Championships                  
         James Daly Fieldhouse, U. of MB, Winnipeg, MB          
Event 179  Men Long Jump Special O
        Meet: % 4.69m  3/3/2017    Caleb Friesen, Navvies TC    
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
  1 Friesen, Caleb            92 Special O MB             5.19m%
      4.64m  4.93m  5.19m                                       
  2 Rozniatowski, Stephen     91 Special O MB             4.66m 
      3.93m  4.66m  4.62m                                       
  3 Therrien, Matthew         94 Bulldogs                 3.76m 
      3.44m  FOUL  3.76m                                        
  4 Penner, Nolan             99 Special O MB             3.46m 
      3.44m  3.46m  FOUL                                        
  5 Harrison, Cody            95 Navvies Track Club       3.11m 
      3.07m  3.11m  2.56m                                       
  6 Hiebert, Tyler            99 Special O MB             2.80m 
      2.80m  PASS  PASS                                         
  7 Tymko, Curtis             68 Navvies Track Club       2.36m 
      2.23m  2.36m  2.32m                                       
  8 Kristjansson, Leif        04 Special O MB             2.16m 
      1.57m  2.16m  2.07m