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       2018 Boeing Indoor Classic - 3/2/2018 to 3/3/2018        
                 Manitoba Indoor Championships                  
         James Daly Fieldhouse, U. of MB, Winnipeg, MB          
Event 12  Women 8-11 Long Jump PeeWee
        Meet: % 4.21m  2/28/2014   Deborah Adekayode, Wpg Optimi
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
  1 Rieger, Emilee            07 Excel Athletika          3.61m 
      3.38m  3.30m  3.35m  3.61m                                
  2 Hager, Geena              07 Excel Athletika          3.38m 
      3.38m  3.16m  3.24m  3.38m                                
  3 Ymas, Leanne              07 Wpg Optimist             3.37m 
      3.37m  2.90m  FOUL  3.28m                                 
  4 Cvetkovic, Payton         07 Stride Ahead             3.30m 
      3.02m  3.30m  FOUL  3.14m                                 
  5 Gelowitz, Lila            07 Excel Athletika          3.16m 
      3.00m  FOUL  3.16m  3.04m                                 
  6 Pacholka, Elan            08 Excel Athletika          3.15m 
      2.84m  3.02m  FOUL  3.15m                                 
  7 Bruinooge, Sarah          07 Stride Ahead             2.89m 
      FOUL  2.84m  2.76m  2.89m                                 
  8 Coulthard, Kaitlyn        07 Stride Ahead             2.84m 
      2.65m  2.84m  2.81m  2.74m                                
  9 Malyarchuk, Olesia        07 Wpg Optimist             2.77m 
      2.77m  2.70m                                              
 10 Rutten James, Ella        07 Excel Athletika          2.75m 
      2.75m  2.68m  2.72m                                       
 11 Baldos, Joyce             07 Wpg Optimist             2.70m 
      FOUL  2.70m  2.52m                                        
 12 Ouellet, Sofia            08 Excel Athletika          2.54m 
      2.01m  2.35m  2.54m                                       
 13 Metz, Alyssa              07 Excel Athletika          2.51m 
      2.51m  2.37m  2.37m                                       
 14 Malyarchuk, Valentyna     07 Wpg Optimist             2.42m 
      2.42m  FOUL                                               
 15 Peitrie, Fiona            09 Stride Ahead             2.06m 
      2.06m  1.69m  1.92m