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       2018 Boeing Indoor Classic - 3/2/2018 to 3/3/2018       
                 Manitoba Indoor Championships                 
         James Daly Fieldhouse, U. of MB, Winnipeg, MB         
Event 11  Men 8-11 Long Jump PeeWee
        Meet: % 4.08m  2/28/2008   Kevin Takatch, Unattached   
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Burchill, Terick          07 Wpg Optimist             3.71m
      3.35m  3.71m  FOUL  3.57m                                
  2 Bazan, Dylan              07 Wpg Optimist             3.56m
      3.56m  FOUL  3.41m  3.46m                                
  3 Filomeno, John Paul       07 Wpg Optimist             3.55m
      3.45m  FOUL  3.36m  3.55m                                
  4 Duncan, Xavier            07 St. Maurice School       3.45m
      2.24m  3.31m  3.45m  3.22m                               
  5 Hatlangh, Joseph          08 Wpg Optimist             3.44m
      3.29m  3.44m  FOUL  2.95m                                
  6 Marykuca, Luke            07 St. Maurice School       3.36m
      3.24m  3.02m  3.36m  3.15m                               
  7 Dilay, Aiden              08 Stride Ahead             2.64m
      FOUL  2.55m  2.26m  2.64m                                
  8 Shorrock, Johnathon       08 Wpg Optimist             2.49m
      2.24m  2.36m  FOUL  2.49m                                
  9 Vitt, Ben                 07 AA Leach                 2.06m
      2.06m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL