This is the official home for all results from the Virtual Competition Series.

WEEK #1 Individual Challenges

PlacePointsName Time
1st25Donnae G8:16
2nd15Fiona P7:27
3rd10Maddison L6:11
4th9Xerxes E5:00
5th8Matthew E4:32
6th7Asha G3:24
7th6Breta P3:02
7th6Alexis B3:02
9th4Kaitlyn C2:37
10th 3Emerson B2:35
11th2Nicholas L2:33
12th1Noel B2:18
Week #1 Wall Sits Results
PlacePointsName Reps
1st25Matthew E96
2nd15Nicholas L88
3rd10Emerson B87.5
4th9Donnae G84
5th8Maddison L83
6th7Brianna Tynes81
7th6Xerxes E76
8th5Asha G71
9th4Breta P70
10th 3Fiona P69
11th2Noel B67
12th1Alexis B
Week #1 Mountain Climbers Results

Week #1 Team Challenges

1st100Fabulous Sparrows
2nd80Fantastic Four
3rd70The Eh Team
4th60Scrambled Legs
Week #1 Team Name Results
1st100Fantastic Four258614
2nd80Fabulous Sparrows209912
3rd70The Eh Team164650
Week #1 Steps Taken Results

WEEK #2 Individual Challenges

PlacePointsName Reps
1st25Xerxes E71
2nd15Mat I65
3rd10Matt E56
4th9Nicholas L52
5th8Calvin R45
6th7Brianna T41
7th6Umuhawa S40
8th5Madisson L37
9th4Jaylyn D35
10th 3Asha G31
11th2Emerson B23
12th1Kaitlyn C20
Week #2 Push Ups Completed
PlacePointsName Time
1st25Madisson L13:33
2nd15Nicholas L6:20
3rd10Matt E6:00
4th9Xerxes E4:00
5th8Calvin R3:04
6th7Brianna T2:48
7th6Matt I2:45
8th5Breta P2:33
9th4Asha G2:23
10th 3Umuhawa S2:13
11th2Alexis B2:12
12th1Kaitlyn C2:04
Week #2 Plank Results

WEEK #2 Team Challenges

1st100The Eh Team
2nd80Scrambled Legs
3rd70Fantastic Four
4th60Fabulous Sparrows
Week #2 Team Uniform Results
PlacePointsTeamml Lifted
1st100Fantastic Four74509
2nd80The Eh Team52928
3rd70Scrambled Legs41600
4th60Fabulous SparrowsN/A
Week #2 Heaviest Squat Results

WEEK #3 Individual Challenges

PlacePointsName km
1st25Calvin R98.35
2nd15Matt E89
3rd10Alexis B67
4th9Brianna T66.76
5th8Nicholas L59.25
6th7Asha G59
7th6Breta P57
8th5Kaitlyn C54.8
9th4Anna M54.2
10th 3Donnae G51
11th2Xerxes E45.8
12th1Umuhawa S40
Week #3 Kilometres Covered
PlacePointsName Reps
1st25Madisson L91
2nd15Mat I90.5
4th9Umuhawa S86.5
5th8Donnae G86
5th8Nicholas L86
7th6Emerson B82.5
8th5Xerxes E79
9th4Calvin R68
10th 3Asha G67
11th2Alexis B64
12th1Jaylyn D59
Week #3 Step-Ups Completed

WEEK #3 Team Challenges

1st100The Eh Team
2nd80Fantastic Four
3rd70Fabulous Sparrows
4th60Scrambled Legs
Week #3 Team Logo Results
1st100The Eh Team272
2nd80Fantastic Four219.81
3rd70Fabulous Sparrows181
4th60Scrambled Legs141.61
Week #3 Team Total Distance Results

WEEK #4 Individual Challenges

PlacePointsName Sets
1st25Matthew E56
2nd15Madisson L28
3rd10Alexis B27
4th9Kaitlyn C21
5th8Nicholas L20
6th7Umuhawa S7
7th6Emerson B7
8th5Brianna T7
9th4Breta P6
10th 3Calvin R5
Week #4 Sets Completed
PlacePointsName Reps
1st25Nicholas L92
2nd15Matthew E87
3rd10Brianna T65
4th9Calvin R56
5th8Emerson B50
6th7Madisson L47
7th6Umuhawa S43
8th5Alexis B34
9th4Breta P29
10th 3Kaitlyn C26
Week #3 Squat Jumps Completed in 1 minute

Week #4 Team Challenges

PlacePointsTeamSteps Taken
1st100The Eh Team375699
2nd80Fantastic Four287050
3rd70Fabulous Sparrows277552
4th60Scrambled Legs251226
Week #4 Steps Taken as a Team
PlacePointsTeamStanding Long Jump
1st100The Eh Team10.74
2nd80Fantastic Four10.29
3rd70Fabulous Sparrows9.13
4th60Scrambled Legs7.79
Week #4 Standing Long Jump