Return to Sport

Athletics Manitoba is committed to safe sport for all members, and with the recent changes made to the Provincial Health Orders, it is imperative that all members continue to follow the Back on Track return to training and competition guidelines as developed by the National task force.

These guidelines should be followed after making the personal decision that you are comfortable to return to training.

As per the Provincial Health Orders Athletics Manitoba, in partnership with the University of Manitoba have prepared update protocols for the James Daly Fieldhouse in accordance with the current restrictions.


UM community members must continue to follow UM’s current masking and social distancing protocols when on campus. As a reminder, the wearing of 3-ply reusable or disposable masks is mandatory for all activities on all UM campuses. This applies when indoors at all times on UM campuses even when physical distancing is possible.*  A 3-ply mask is also required when outdoors on UM campuses or while participating in UM-sanctioned activities off-campus at any time when two metres distancing is not possible.

*As noted in the full protocol, masks may be removed by athletes only when engaging in physical activity. Movement between equipment/activities does still require masking.

All groups training at the University of Manitoba Outdoor Stadium must complete the facility waivers.

U of M Facility Waiver – ADULT
U of M Facility Waiver – MINOR

Back on Track - Steps to Success

In addition to the guidelines provided by the National Back on Track Task Force all members are encouraged to review the following documents.