Return to Sport

Athletics Manitoba is committed to safe sport for all members, and with the recent changes made to the Provincial Health Orders, it is imperative that all members continue to follow the Back on Track return to training and competition guidelines as developed by the National task force.

These guidelines should be followed after making the personal decision that you are comfortable to return to training.

The updated Provincial Health Orders have been finalized. These Orders are effective as of 12:01 a.m. on July 17, 2021, and remain in effect until 12:01 a.m. on August 7, 2021, unless they are terminated earlier.

  • 18(2) Persons may engage in any type of outdoor sporting or recreational activity but they must not engage in an activity as part of a group of more than 50 persons.
  • 18(3) Organized practices, games and competitions may take place at an outdoor sporting facility but the operator of an outdoor sporting facility must ensure that no multi-team tournaments take place at the facility.
  • 18(4) Spectators are permitted at an outdoor sporting facility. Spectators are not to be included when calculating the number of participants in a sporting activity. Spectators must maintain a separation of at least two metres from other spectators.

Clubs and training groups must continue to follow the return to sport protocols from the national Back on Track guidelines. All groups training at the University of Manitoba Outdoor Stadium must complete the facility waivers. 

U of M Facility Waiver – ADULT
U of M Facility Waiver – MINOR

Back on Track - Steps to Success

In addition to the guidelines provided by the National Back on Track Task Force all members are encouraged to review the following documents.