How to Request Officials for Track Meets in Manitoba
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Services for Officials
  • The following elements should be in place to support officials at all meets
  • All meet directors are required to provide water and breaks in the schedule to allow officials to eat or a volunteer to run food to officials in the event that breaks are not possible (i.e. an evening grand prix or similar event)
  • Gluten free options and/or options that meet the needs of individuals with severe allergies should be provided
  • A meeting room or space where officials can gather, leave their belongings and eat
Meal Requirements
  • Meets beginning between 5pm and 6pm are required to provide snacks and a dinner item (i.e. pizza or sandwiches and fruit)
  • Meets that are 8 hours in duration are required to provide two meals
  • Meets that are four hours or less in duration are required to provide at a minimum beverages such as water/juice/ etc.
 Requesting and Confirming Officials
  1. 8 weeks prior to the event apply for sanctioning for the meet with Athletics Manitoba
  2. Six weeks or prior to the event (or earlier) contact the Athletics Manitoba Officials Coordinator (Kathy Kelly and/or Scott Murray at and provide a tentative schedule. The tentative schedule is used to create an officiating schedule and job assignments.
  3. 48 hours prior to the event provide the Officials Coordinator with a final schedule. The final schedule is shared with officials to confirm arrival and volunteer time. It should go to all participants as well.
  4. Day prior to the meet: The Meet Director and Officials Coordinator will email confirmation of the predetermined information regarding the schedule, location of the official’s room and other important information. The Meet Director and Officials Coordinator will touch base the day of the event as needed.
  5. Following the meet the host organization will be billed for the sanction fee as well as a fee for the officials. The final sanction fee is dependent on the number of participants and the length of the meet.
  6. The rates for officials are as follows:
    • 1 – 6 hours: $150 
    • 7 – 12 hours: $300 
    • 13 – 18 hours: $450
    • 19 – 24 hours: $600
    • 25 – 30 hours: $750