On July 6, 2015 the Athletics Manitoba Board of Directors (BOD) approved the formation of an Officials Committee as a subcommittee of the Athletics Manitoba BOD, reporting directly to the Athletics Manitoba BOD.

This committee of the Board will be responsible for:

  • Coordinating and assigning officials to track meets
  • The creation of a long term recruitment and retention plan for officials in Manitoba
  • Training and ongoing professional development opportunities for all levels of Athletics officials
  • The identification of officials for out of province travel, mentoring and recognition (awards).
  • The committee consisted of , Executive Director of AM as chair; two members from the MTFOA, Jane Edstrom and Wendy Verbong and BOD appointees Scott Murray and Kathy Kelly. Jane Edstrom is the Officials’ liaison on the Athletics Manitoba BOD.

The Board and the new committee would like to thank the Manitoba Track and Field Officials (MTFOA) Executive for their work prior to BOD sanctioned change.

The immediate tasks of the Athletics Manitoba Officials Committee are:

  • The development and approval of a Terms of Reference for the committee. These will be distributed to the Officials membership once approved by the Athletics Manitoba BOD.
  • Developing a budget for this year and prospective budgets for future years.
  • To have Officials Co-Coordinators for the Indoor Athletics season: 
  • Scott Murray and Kathy Kelly have agreed to assume this role. 
  • Determine a plan for recruitment and retention.
  • Athletics Manitoba (AM) and the Officials Committee has 2 major goals to accomplish by Canada Games, July 2017: 
  • Recruit and train approximately 50 officials to have sufficient number of officials in the right positions with the right skills and expertise for the 2017 Canada Summer Games. The level of official required to work at this this calibre of meet is minimum a Level 3. Chiefs or Referees must be a minimum of Level 4, preferably Level 5.
  • Establish both immediate and long term training and development opportunities to ensure Officials achieve appropriate levels required for this calibre of meet and other national meets.

AM would like all current officials to confirm their interest in officiating and their contact information.

We are asking all officials to register online at https://www.trackie.com/members/UN-MB.php

If you are already a registered official, your name will be in the Athletics Canada database, so select ‘Renewing Member’. Once you click Renewing Member, you can look up your AC number, (which you need to fill in), by clicking on the words ‘Look up’, (which are right beside the AC# box).

If you are not presently in the Athletics Canada database, please click new and fill in the required information.

The Request Club box will default to Unattached, but please click on Look up and select Manitoba Officials as your club. If you are renewing your membership, your club should already reflect the name Manitoba Officials.

You have the option of paying online by credit card if you wish, but you will be charged a processing fee. You can also choose cheque/money order and either send in your payment to the office or bring it to the track. If you prefer, payment will be collected at the social evening, November 23 (see below). If you register prior to December 31, 2015 you will not be charged GST.


The Officials Committee looks forward to working with each and every one of you. We welcome suggestions and feedback.

Please feel to approach any one of us with questions or concerns. The Officials Co-Coordinators can also be reached via email at athletics.officials@shaw.ca


The Athletics Manitoba Officials Committee

Jane Edstrom, Donna Harris, Kathy Kelly, Scott Murray, and Wendy Verbong



Field of Play – Track Officials Jobs

  • Marshalling – organizing athletes into their lanes/starting orders and handing them over to the start crew; keeps track events on time
  • Umpires – watching for lane and race infractions as athletes compete
  • Starting – shooting the gun, calling false starts, assisting with marshalling (sometimes)
  • Finish line – finish orders, lap counting, back up timing (sometimes)
  • Call Room – checking athletes into events, checking spikes and equipment bags
  • Verify records

Field of Play – Field Officials Jobs

  • Jumps and Throws
  • Measure throws and/or jumps
  • Verify performance and records
  • Verify jumps or throws are legal
  • This area allows for more interaction with the athletes
  • Keep events on time
  • Insure bar in PV and HJ is at the proper height

Photo Timing and Results (Technology)

  • Results (work with Hy-Tek Software and Trackie online to set up meet entries, set up heats/flights and finals and submit results to Athletics Canada)
  • Display boards
  • Photo timing (track results)

Skill Set

  • Ability to work as a team member
  • Pleasant with good customer service skills
  • Willing to take direction from other volunteer leaders
  • Willingness to learn
Officiating Opportunities (download above information)