Exclusive Use Training Times

Exclusive Use Training Calendars for April 2014


April - updated April 3rd

Please note indoor Training Times have been extended until  April 23rd. 


Please note that Exclusive Use Training time has been added to April 5th, 6th, 9th and 10th.  - 





MB Throwing Centre Bulletin _-  Outdoor

Attention all Coaches and Athletes utilizing the throwing cage at the University of Manitoba.

Safety in the landing area has again become an issue as the increased number of athletes and the influx of new people to our sport has led to a dangerous situation as athletes are retrieving implements while others are throwing.

As a result, the coaches have agreed that we will institute a retrieval system where implements will be picked up after every 3 throwers and no athletes should be in the field of play sector while another is throwing.
This is particularly important while the cage renovations are taking place. Until the new net with the additional panels is installed, the possibility of an errant throw is much greater.

How can you help?

1. Insure that the throwing sector is clear before you throw.
2. Hammer throwers only throw singles when 3 or more athletes are training at the same time
3. Discus throwers only throw doubles
4. Keep the circle clean by using towels and mats to wipe off shoes and implements
5. Stay behind the net when waiting to throw.

We are working hard to upgrade our facility and to make it a safe and first class environment.

Thank you for your support!