Athletics Manitoba membership is renewable in November of each year.
The membership covers the coach for training & coaching accident insurance and some liability insurance as a volunteer for our organization. All coaches should have a criminal record check and child abuse registry check completed prior to taking out the membership.

Only coaches with a paid Athletics Manitoba membership are eligible for coach, manager or chaperone positions on Provincial and National Teams or for any grants and awards. All applicants must meet Manitoba residency requirements.

School Coaches are only registered on the National Membership Database if they have an Athletics Manitoba Coaching Membership. However they will receive all information from the Provincial Association regarding coaching initiatives.


Coach Development

Athletics Manitoba offers a wide range of clinics and coaching development opportunities, including NCCP Technical Courses in Track & Field, Coaching Workshops & Seminars for community and school groups, and Athletics Coaching Conferences. There are also coaching development opportunities within and outside Manitoba for coaches in all disciplines.

2018  Super Seminar ConferenceApril 20th & 21st   –  Online registration

This year we are taking advantage of some of our local talent with a focus on Sprints, Hurdles and Relays! 

Alex Gardiner and Rory McIntyre will be our two featured presenters. Both Alex and Rory have been integral to the success of our Manitoba sprinters in recent years. Their hard work and dedication to the University of Manitoba Bison Track and Field team is unparalleled and we look forward to this unique opportunity for them to share their best practices!


Coach Workshops & Seminars

Coaching Manitoba offers a variety of other courses under the heading of Competition Development. The list of courses and the dates offered can be found on their website.