Canadian University Guide for Athletics

Athletics Canada has relesed it’s information guide for coaches, parents and university bound student-athletes. Entitled CANADA  FIRST, it is a comprehensive guide on CANADIAN UNIVERSITY ATHLETICS.

An excerpt from the guide:

Many athletes are presented with important―life altering decisions at an early age following completion of their high school years.

It is important to have the detailed facts in order to make the correct choice. What are the factors to consider? They are academic goals, athletic goals, financial concerns and location.

Good decision making depends on thorough research of the options available. Should an athlete pursue a foreign scholarship or pursue an education and athletic career here in Canada? It is becoming increasingly evident that for many the ― Canadian option is the best!
When considering the Canadian option, an athlete in Athletics should look at the following:

  • A university with the academic program best suited to the athlete‘s long term career path.
  • A university with excellent coaching and a team with proven success.
  • A university with financial support for athletics and/or academics.
  • A university situated in an area with strong club affiliation and high performance systems to ensure continued athletic programming through the year to ensure continued progress as an athlete.
  • Access to provincial and/or national funding for long term performance development in the sport of athletics.
  • Other sponsorship support.
  • A healthy, enjoyable environment to call home for 4 to 5 years.

Athletes can find all these in many of the provinces at present in Canada.

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