Milk Cross Country Challenge

A few of the races have very high entries (nearing 300 participants).  In order to keep everyone safe the races with over 200 participants must be run in TWO SECTIONS. The schedule has been updated to reflect the additional races and the races with 2 sections are noted below.  Please review the Updated Schedule.  We apologize for changing the schedule at such a late date but the high level of entries have given us no other choice! We have to make sure everyone is safe!
In an attempt to keep teams together in the same race, we have assigned half the individual entries and half the team entries to the first section of each race and the balance to the 2nd section.  Please review the Teams By Section document and make sure that your school knows which section they are in!  
We have not specified a different start time for the 2nd sections. Listen for the calls from the start line and report for your section.  We will begin organizing athletes for the 2nd section as soon as the first race has started.  We aren’t going to be “checking in” teams from one section to the next, we are just trying to organize the start line as efficiently as possible in advance. So PLEASE organize your athletes as best as you can. 😊
Again, due to the high registration numbers, the 2017 the Final Team scoring for the banners will be determined through the best scores from the combined results of both sections. In other words, there will be one banner awarded per age category as in previous years. If there are ties, there WILL be additional banners ordered. We are unable to completely revise and set up an alternative method for scoring in time for the event tomorrow! In future years we acknowledge that we WILL have to set up a new process.  Scoring Forms
To accommodate the updated 4km course we’ve updated a portion of the race course!  Course Map  
The club house washrooms will still be open as usual, but please note we will also have porta potties set up near the start line.
We will have copies of the course map printed at the registration table, as well as the results score sheets.
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