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2017 Canada Summer Games              


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The 2017 Canada Summer Games are coming to Winnipeg, just in time for their 50th anniversary.

Winnipeg, Manitoba will host the Canada Summer Games July 28 – August 13, 2017. Featuring 16 sports, over 250 events and a major cultural festival, the 2017 Canada Games will welcome over 4,000 athletes and coaches and more than 20,000 visitors.

The Canada Games are this country’s largest multi-sport event for young athletes and in 2017 will celebrate their 50th anniversary and Canada’s 150th birthday. The 2017 Canada Summer Games will leave a lasting legacy of new and enhanced sport facilities, volunteer and leadership development that will benefit athletes and the broader community for years to come.

Winnipeg is the second city in Manitoba to host a summer edition of the Canada Games after Brandon hosted a summer Games in 1997. We can’t wait to welcome the athletes, coaches, officials and everyone who will be joining us for the 2017 Canada Summer Games on the occasion of the 50th anniversary.


Team Manitoba 2017 Selection Criteria and Team Standards



The Manitoba Team for the 2013 Jeux du Canada Summer Games was:

Alexa Matwyczuk Alhaji Mansaray
Amanda Gundrum Arthur Buchanan
Amy Andrushko Ben Allen
Amy Graceffo Carter Wilson
Courtney Cook  Cody Mages
Erin Teschuk Curtis Urniezius
Joy Becker DeLohnni Nicol-Samuel
Julia Zyrini Dylan Ostberg
Kaliegh Hole Eric Thatcher
Karen Ferris Ezra Hackie
Katie Staub Levi Sader
Madison Stewart Matt Fitkowsky
Mallory Waters Matt Therrien 
Melissa Daly  Mike Aikns
Melissa Kitching Oyinko Akinola
Melissa Richards Paul Rydberg
Rebekah Sass Reed Rimke
Sade Ogungbemi Ryan Croy
Sam Allergo Ryan Kneisz 
Sarah Huebert Sam Unrah 
Tamara Paetsch Sam Vincent
  Steve Barios-Novak
  Terrence Sampson
  Thomas Miller
  Wilfred Samking
  Wyatt Eyford



          Manitoba 2013 Canada Games Team Selection Standards

Preselect A B Preselect A B
10.67 10.77 10.86 100m 12.01 12.18 12.35
21.51 21.90 22.11 200m 24.39 25.13 25.49
48.04 49.00 50.59 400m 55.46 57.07 58.21
1:51.76 1:53.34 1:56.08 800m 2:11.07 2:12.80 2:15.36
3:53.67 3:55.66 3:59.00 1500m 4:31.66 4:36.15 4:38.28
14:34.41 14:56.68 15:10.67 5000m 17:11.74 17:36.07 17:49.11
14.57 15.19 15.31 110mH/100mH 14.19 14.69 15.51
53.52 55.43 57395 400mH 62.20 63.92 64.97
9:16.42 9:33.15 9:40.02 3km/2km S/C 7:00.28 7:08.90 7:12.59
2.03m 1.97m 1.95m High Jump 1.68m 1.62m 1.60m
7.22m 7.06, 6.75m Long Jump 5.69m 5.37m 5.29m
14.76m 13.97m 13.67m Triple Jump 11.96m 11.32m 11.04m
4.67m 4.47m 4.30m Pole Vault 3.72m 3.43m 3.35m
15.38m 14.04m 13.11m Shot Put 13.30m 12.48m 11.81m
45.64m 41.68m 39.74m Discus 44.02m 40.34m 37.24m
63.11m 57.26m 54.96m Javelin 44.84m 40.97m 38.39m
53.94m 47.44m 43.18m Hammer 54.00m 46.20m 43.18m
6391 5811 5484 Dec/Hep 4845 4452 4273