Athletes who attend the Peace Gardens Track and Field camp have the opportunity to be selected to the Legi on National Championship Team. For over fifty years The Royal Canadian Legion has supported Canada’s youth through training and competition in track and field. The Legion Nationals are Canada’s premier and only nationwide competition for the U18 and U16 age groups and are truly national in scale as the Legion supports provincial teams from all provinces and territories in Canada. This support is provided exclusively through funding provided by the members of the Legion.

From The Basic and Advanced Legion Athletic Track Camp athletes are selected to attend the Legion Youth National Championships. This is an all-expenses paid trip.


a) under 16 as of 31 December in the year of the Championships;

b) under 18 as of 31 December in the year of the Championships.

Approximately 80% of Canada’s national track and field team have participated in the Legion program.  Learn more about the history of this event at

NOTE: The 2019 Championships will be held in Sydney, Nova Scotia from August 9-11th, 2019. 


The complete list of athletes selected to the 2019 team, can be found in a News post.


Manitoba Legion Athletic Camp

Track and Field  –  Website

Boys and girls 10-15 years old will get the opportunity to learn track and field skills and modern training methods in all of the sport’s exciting events. Young athletes will have the chance to learn a little about all events and later in the week learn more about their favourite events.

Head Coach: TBD

Advanced Track  –  Website

Athletes 15-17 years of age specialize in events and receive advanced training led by international, national and provincial coaches. Our goal is to make sure each athlete gains added knowledge and skills in their area of specialization. In addition to daily training sessions, staff provides lectures, films and demonstrations on the latest training techniques. We also focus on other aspects of competition including nutrition, relaxation and discipline. We will offer rules and officials training as well as the event training.

Head Coach: Matt Blewett


Results from the 2018 Legion Youth Track and Field Championships 

Results from the 2017 Legion Youth Track and Field Championships 

Results from the 2015 Legion Youth Track & Field Championships

Results from the 2014 Legion Youth Track & Field Championships

Results from the 2013 Canadian Legion Youth Championships

Results for the 2012 Canadian Legion Youth Championships