Canadian Track and Field National Championships Results

Congratulations to all of our talented athletes that represented Manitoba at the Canadian Track and Field National Championships this past weekend in Montreal, Quebec! We witnessed stellar performances from many athletes and are very proud of those who took home well deserved medals. The results list for our Manitoban athletes is below.

Colin Mathieson Silver in both the 200m and 100m T54 wheelchair 

Lara Denbow Bronze in the U20 Women’s High Jump

Cecilia Howes Silver in the U20 Women’s 3000m Steeplechase 

Daxx Turner Bronze in the U20 Men’s Triple Jump

Jack Taylor Bronze in the U20 Men’s 800m

Gee-ef Nkwonta Silver in the Senior Men’s Triple Jump



T54 Men 200m Final
2 Mathieson, Colin        MB Unattached            27.20
U20 Women 200m Qual.
3 Dyck, Daniele                  Prairie Storm              25.42
10 Johnson, Peighton         Prairie Storm             26.13 
U20 Men 200m Qual.
10 Perrett, Benjamin         Prairie Storm             22.89 
18 Middleton, Taine           Prairie Storm             23.16 
Sr Women 200m Qual.
10 Babalola, Tayo      Winnipeg Optimist          25.46 
14 White, Erin            Winnipeg Optimist          25.98 
24 Butler, Charlot       Prairie Storm                  28.35 
Sr Men 200m Qual.
3 Deleau, Luc         Stride Ahead Tough               21.88
25 Aoun, Syed Muhammad   Bison Athletics        22.67
Sr Women Long Jump Qual.
24 Butler, Charlot     Prairie Storm             28.35
U20 Men 1500M
2 Boyle, William                Winnipeg Optimist         4:02.44
 18 Reimer, Calvin            Winnipeg Optimist         4:07.39
32 Benjamin, Justin          Winnipeg Optimist         4:17.32
U20 Men 400m Qual.
1 Perrett, Benjamin          Prairie Storm               49.49
6 Taylor, Jack                   Winnipeg Optimist       50.26
22 Friesen, Trey               Winnipeg Optimist       53.06
U20 Men High Jump Qual.
5 Turner, Daxx        Prairie Storm            J1.83m
Sr Men 400m Qual.
3 Deleau, Luc         Stride Ahead Tough       49.38
U20 Women 100m Qual.
3 Dyck, Daniele                   Prairie Storm             12.30
10 Johnson, Peighton          Prairie Storm             12.67
Sr Women 100m Qual.
13 Babalola, Tayo      Winnipeg Optimist            12.54 
18 Butler, Charlot       Prairie Storm                    13.37
Sr. Men 100m Qual.
33 Aoun, Syed Muhammad   Bison Athletics             11.12
U20 Men 100m Qual.
9 Middleton, Taine               Prairie Storm                  11.21
17 Hutchinson, Joshua        Winnipeg Optimist         11.33
U20 Men Long jump
5 Hutchinson, Joshua   Winnipeg Optimist        6.47m    
T54 Women 400m
5 Taylor, Leanne F53         MB Unattached          1:11.03
Sr Men 800m Qual.
2 Berube, Simon        Stride Ahead Tough     1:53.25 
25 Drover, Conrad      Bison Athletics             1:59.65
U20 Women 3000m
6 Kroeker, Angela     Winnipeg Optimist     11:00.11
U20 Women Triple Jump Qual.
1 Denbow, Lara        Prairie Storm            11.98m
Sr Men Pole Vault Qual.
4 Onraet, Derek       Winnipeg Optimist        4.15m
U20 Men 1500m
17 Boyle, William      Winnipeg Optimist      4:05.10
U20 Men 400m Prelims
10 Perrett, Benjamin          Prairie Storm             49.90
Sr Women 400m Prelims
18 White, Erin                Winnipeg Optimist        59.35
T54 Men 100m Prelims
3 Mathieson, Colin F56       MB Unattached            15.86q
Women 100m Wheelchair Prelims
7 Taylor, Leanne F5   MB Unattached            19.77
U20 Women 800m Qual.
3 Klippenstein, Amy      Prairie Storm              2:17.70
8 Moon, Alyssa             Winnipeg Optimist      2:18.91
15  Owens, Erin            Winnipeg Optimist      2:25.8
U20 Men 800m Qual.
9 Kendle, Noel                   Winnipeg Optimist      1:56.84
15 Mann, Dawson             Stride Ahead Tough     1:58.06
20 Reimer, Calvin              Winnipeg Optimist       1:58.85
22 Boyle, William               Winnipeg Optimist       1:58.91
32 Benjamin, Justin           Winnipeg Optimist       2:02.04
U20 Women High jump
3 Denbow, Lara        Prairie Storm             1.68m
U20 Women 100m Prelims
10 Dyck, Daniele                  Prairie Storm             12.19 
20 Johnson, Peighton          Prairie Storm             12.76 
U20 Men 100m Prelims
11 Soufi, Jordan              Winnipeg Optimist        10.81
Sr Women 100m Prelims
19 Turner, Tegan              Bison Athletics             12.01
Sr Men 100m Prelims
10 Glor, Luxon                Winnipeg Optimist        10.40 
Sr Men Long Jump
5 Samking, Wilfred     Winnipeg Optimist         7.31m
14 Magri, Joshua       Winnipeg Optimist          2.46m 

T54 Men 100m Final

2 Mathieson, Colin MB Unattached 15.48


U20 Women 3000m SC Final
2 Howes, Cecilia      Winnipeg Optimist     10:47.19
U20 Men 400m Hurdles Prelims
12 Friesen, Trey        Winnipeg Optimist        59.66
U20 Women 400m Hurdles Prelims
16 Kirzinger-Kosolofski, Kira   Winnipeg Optimist      1:08.00  
U20 Women 200m Prelims
12 Dyck, Daniele                   Prairie Storm            25.44  
18 Johnson, Peighton          Prairie Storm             26.06
U20 Men 200m Prelims
15 Soufi, Jordan              Winnipeg Optimist        22.26
Sr Women 200m Prelims
17 Turner, Tegan              Bison Athletics           24.76
Sr Men 200m Prelims
15 Deleau, Luc                Stride Ahead Tough       21.89
U20 women 1500m Finals
4 Watt, Margrett             Winnipeg Optimist      4:34.74
T53-54 Women 800m Wheelchair 
6 Taylor, Leanne F5        MB Unattached           2:21.55
Sr Women Triple Jump
14 *Adepoju, Eniola     Winnipeg Optimist       10.22m
Sr women 100m Hurdles Prelims
17 Lawrence, Madisson   Winnipeg Optimist        15.33
Sr Women Hammer
14 Gudmundson, Bryarr   Flying M                36.11m
Sr Women Pole Vault
7 Blackner, Emily      Winnipeg Optimist       J3.96m
U20 Women 800m
10 Watt, Margrett             Winnipeg Optimist        2:13.68
22 Klippenstein, Amy          Prairie Storm             2:19.07
U20 Women Triple Jump Final
5 Denbow, Lara               Prairie Storm            11.81m
Sr Women high Jump Final
13 Lawrence, Madisson         Winnipeg Optimist        1.60m
Sr Women Discus Final
7 Ferris, Karen              Flying M                38.77m
U20 Men Triple Jump Final
3 Turner, Daxx              Prairie Storm           J14.93m
U20 Men 800m Final
3 Taylor, Jack               Winnipeg Optimist      1:53.16
U20 Women 800m Final
8 Towns, Tracy               Stride Ahead Tough     2:11.31
Sr Men Triple Jump
3 Nkwonta, Gee-Ef      Winnipeg Optimist       14.89m
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