Athletics Canada Rankings

Athletes Canada has launched its new rankings website.  The rankings look has been overhauled to correspond with the format the IAAF is utilizing. 

Athletics Manitoba Provincial Rankings 

Features and enhancements of note which are not finalized.

1)      Indoor rankings will now be separated by oversized track length (> 200m).  The previous system did not allow for this feature so venues currently do not have the required information for this.  Venues will be updated throughout the 2015/16 season and any changes to venues will instantly update in another years ranking view. 

2)      Road rankings will now have separated rankings for drop, greater than 1m/km, large separation between start and finish, greater than 50 percent, and a listing where there is a drop and large separation.  Similar to indoor venues road course did not previously have the ability to store this information and will be inputted throughout this coming year.

3)      Athletics Canada All-time rankings documents are being converted into a compatible format and will be imported into the rankings before the end of 2015.  

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